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  • Arizona School Districts receive 56% of the revenue deposited in the Arizona Benefits Fund each year which they spend to improve instruction in the districts’ schools. Since this fund was established, Tribes have contributed over $624 million to improve education for Arizona’s children.
  • Hospitals and trauma centers throughout the state receive 28% of the revenue deposited in the Arizona Benefits Fund each year to reimburse hospitals for uncovered trauma and emergency services.Since this fund was initiated, hospitals have received over $312 million to support critical services.
  • Wildlife and conservation throughout the state are benefiting through the Arizona Wildlife and Conservation Fund which is administered by Arizona Game & Fish. The fund supports conservation projects that protect wildlife and conserve natural habitats. Tribes have contributed more than $89 million to this fund during the past ten years.
  • The tourism industry in Arizona is benefiting because revenue is given to the Arizona Office of Tourism which supports this statewide industry. Over the past decade AOT has received more than $89 million to promote the State of Arizona and this vital industry.
  • Arizona-owned businesses are benefiting because they are selling their goods and services to Tribal enterprises which are a new and growing target market for Arizona vendors.
  • Cities, Towns and Counties statewide benefit because they receive 12% of a tribe’s total annual contribution of net gaming win every year. 12% money is contributed in addition to the revenue in the Arizona Benefits Fund. 12% money is used for government services that benefit the general public, including public safety, mitigation of impacts of gaming, and promotion of commerce and economic development. Since 2002, Arizona cities, towns and counties have received $151 million from Tribal gaming revenues.
  • Charities and non-profit organizations receive millions of dollars from Tribes who are funding scholarships for students, supporting social service organizations and providing revenue for educational, economic and cultural organizations that benefit all Arizonans.
  • Tribal members benefit directly as their governments are moving to achieve self- reliance. With improved economies, Tribes are supporting their students, schools, hospitals and social service programs and building much needed infrastructure like sewer and water systems, roads and telephone and fiber optic communication networks.