Tribal Gaming in Arizona is proving an economic success story for Tribes and all of Arizona. Since the Tribal State Gaming Compacts were signed between in 2002, Tribal Gaming is giving Tribal Communities the economic resources to overcome centuries of disadvantage, displacement and limited economic opportunity, to become strong, self-reliant, self-governing communities.


As Peter Yucupicio, Chairman of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, explains in the video above, Tribal Gaming has not only benefitted urban Tribes, but has been critical for the most remote, rural tribes, like Hualapai and Havasupai, who could never operate casinos of their own. This opportunity is provided through inter-tribal machine transfers, allowing those tribes, far from the dense population centers, to benefit from the same gaming opportunities that sustain their urban counterparts. These transfer agreements are an economic lifeline for Tribes whose ancestral roots in the area reach back for millennia.


Just as commercial facilities locate in dense population centers instead of areas with extreme economic need, commercial gaming operators do not share revenues with those in need or help fund critical governmental and support services.

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